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  1. Asks me: you and your friends a party and you are told to go buy expensive wine, you buy the wine you start walking to the party and notice a shady man selling crack cocain. do you trade the wine for the cocain and be the life of the party or you keep the wine and hope you friends will be pleased. Me: keep the wine Haven: you failed wolfpack try-outs

  2. Rick and Morty Season 3 comes out tomorrow :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Haven


      That's mean @Stryker ;-;

    3. Jibblebutt


      Why is Haven getting dislikes? It should be Stryker getting them.

    4. Jibblebutt


      That moment it says "You're not allowed to give reputation to this person" when you try to dislike Stryker.

      But it ends up working anyway.

  3. Your banner still isn't at my level.

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    2. TriGaar


      Im the one doing the work :P

    3. Jibblebutt


      And now I will give a thumbs up to all of Trigaar's posts.

    4. Jibblebutt


      Because Haven doesn't deserve them. B|

  4. Blue Scope? Read here!

    I would say thanks but im a cheap skate and havent donated money
  5. Future Servers || 09/09/2016

    Glad to see this become reality ender!
  6. Staff, Commander and Jedi Council List

    I feel special now
  7. That 612th profile picture tho.

    1. Haven


      There you would be wrong that is actualy a Phase 2 Coruscant Guard 'Shock' Trooper but I can understand the confusion

    2. [TGC] Trapper

      [TGC] Trapper

      Ohhhh yeah, Just the red beard got me. (xD)

    3. TriGaar
  8. I don't know why but I feel like becoming Major lifted something off my shoulders. I'm probably just going insane though...

    1. Marco


      M8 Was captain hard for ya in CG or something 

    2. Haven


      No I just feel like I have actually accomplished something xD 

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