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  1. Just gonna dump some quality Star Wars trash by my queen Sorenova for your viewing pleasure.


    f a n t a s t i c

  2. If anyone hasn't seen it yet, watch Star War the Third Gathers: Backstrokke of the West. It's a shittily translated version of Revenge of the Sith but the entire thing has been dubbed by professional voice actors. 


    1. Malos


      This is amazing.


    2. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      Some notable quotes:


      "I have the high ground."



  3. Rogue One RP Server || 08/01/17

    fuck u guys r gay
  4. Thank you for the honour of becoming the manager of TGC's new FurryRP server. Will keep you all updated.

  5. Future Servers || 09/09/2016

    Wouldn't mind seeing a standard 5v5/6v6/10v10 ranked server.
  6. Item donations

    Envy would prefer fewer items that are worth more, so if you have 50,000 hats that are 40~ cents each to donate, don't bother (source: I tried). Buds/bills/unusuals/keys are the best items to donate.
  7. Staff, Commander and Jedi Council List

    Maybe make a 'TGC Moderator' section under 'Council' for Aindor, Jet and Arlando.
  8. Kill yourself, stop stealing my rep :P

    1. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      Can you filthy peasants stop posting on my wall

    2. Smith
  9. Stop posting shit lmao, lemme catch up to you


    1. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      Best of luck with that one, fam.

  10. Holly hell you Community Rep is Crazy

    1. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      You know it babygirl ;^)

  11. "Posted 5 minutes ago" And hasn't been on steam for 7 hours smh.

    1. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      Just finished work you cuck. I suppose work is a foreign concept to you, twelvie.




    2. rxg | ShreaderDragon

      rxg | ShreaderDragon

      last online: 8 hours :). 

  12. Chazzy best admin 2k16 <3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rxg | ShreaderDragon

      rxg | ShreaderDragon

      It just shows how grateful I am for what you do ;)

    3. ItsJustLevi


      best adminge* :^) 

    4. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      Thank you my friend.

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