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  1. Staff, Commander and Jedi Council List

    The amount leading Jono and Stryker did it might as well be
  2. Rogue One RP Server || 08/01/17

    Announcement turns into English debate +Support
  3. Watching people scramble for new DC-15a skins, jump on and instantly get one from like the second one I opened. Good Meme

    1. Wiskey


      How?? i have been looking for like 3 days and have not even got 2RC your luck dude

    2. AxeMan


      *starts to tie noose

  4. Future Servers || 09/09/2016

    Dude, nice. A Retake server would be awesome
  5. Item donations

    I said this
  6. Item donations

    Hey will you take gifted copies of $10+ games you could sell em on G2A or whatever, I don't know how some of this stuff works
  7. Staff, Commander and Jedi Council List

    Yo what about grommet he is anakin still, I think?
  8. Holly hell you Community Rep is Crazy

    1. Chazzy / Frank

      Chazzy / Frank

      You know it babygirl ;^)

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