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Cast's Event Master Application

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Steam ID: steam_0:0:4978988


Steam Name: cast


RP Name: Commander Rex


Age: 17


Playtime: 232 hours


Reason for Application / Acceptance:

I have been with The Gaming Council for many months and have met many a good friends. I have seen the server go through it’s ups and downs however I feel like I can add my skills and effort to the server as an Event Master. I want to help the server by provided unique and interesting events, far too often I have seen the 6378th Battle for Geonosis.I have been given multiple high ranking roles and commander positions, all of which I have enjoyed building up a regiment and running it. I think I can provide events to the server that will aid the current team of Event Masters and Haven will finally love me as he bugged me to do this.


Event Sample:

First Stage:



Commodore Sparks

Commodore Naval / Engineers (If their is none, ask someone that wishes to help with the event)

40+ People


I would place a podium and call regimental lines "Trooper's, Report to regimental lines at once" After waiting a bit for troops, I will start the briefing. "Alright troops, We have reports that their is CIS Spy activity on a Republic Outpost on tatooine. Commander's, Head to the Meeting room and I will brief you personally. Troop's head to the armory and gear up, for reference it's at the end of the first floor bunks." Troops would head to the armory and Naval / Engineers would help them gear up, Commander's will then head to the Meeting room and we will discuss the mission. "Commander's, Our job is to defend the outpost and we must find this spy, he is among the tatooine people. I would like to see you working together to organise patrol units, Guarding the wall and entrance, The rest of the troops can take time off in the cantina and roam around the outpost. They will then hopefully discuss matters about the event and after 7 minutes "Troop's, Prepare for hyperspace"


Change map to tgc_universe


Second Stage



Commodore Sparks

1x Cantina Owner

6x Cantina Security

1x Bounty Hunter

1x Comms station Operator

4x Civilians

3x Troublemakers

(Change Troublemaker’s, 2 Civilians, and some people that want to be enemies to Battledroid, Change Cantina Staff to droid if they die.)


Phase 1

Deploy podium and while waiting for troops to line up / connect set spawns for enemies, barricades and defenses. Then when most have connected and lined up, ask for volunteers and take regiment’s. Set jobs and then brief troops Alright troopers, you’re job is to defend this outpost, listen to your commander’s as they will be allocating your posts, patrols and so on. Get to it men, the longer we stand the more vulnerable we are." Let Commander’s take control and 5 minutes pass, head to the troublemakers and tell them to create havoc through rp, either by killing people or causing trouble. After the troublemakers are dealt with 4 minutes pass and I start organising droid army

Phase 1 outcomes

Outcome 1:

They find out the Cantina owner is the spy and detain him / Kill him (change their jobs to CIS Forces)

Outcome 2:

The spy remains unfound and makes his escape when the CIS Forces attack


Phase 2

Droids attack without warning (if cantina staff is alive / not detained droids will co-ordinate with cantina to escape) letting those on post comms it in their job is to either secure the people of the town or the CIS Spy (If he’s alive) Attack will rage on until clear winner

Phase 2 outcomes

Outcome 1: Droids escort the hostage / spy to their base and keep most of the outpost under droid control     loss


Outcome 2: Droids escort the hostage / spy to their base but the republic keep the outpost attack under control     continuation


Outcome 3: Troopers keep the civilians / spy safe and win the outpost attack     continuation


Phase 3 (Outcome 2 and 3)

Trooper’s goal is to rescue the hostage / spy and attack the droid base in an attempt to take it, from here they will siege the base over 5 - 10 minutes


Phase 3 outcomes

Outcome 1: Droids hold the base and keep the prisoner safe     loss


Outcome 2: Droids hold the base but the prisoner is saved     win


Outcome 3: Droids lose the base and the prisoner is saved     win

Phase 4

After everyone has retreated, get everyone to head back to regiment lines.


Change map to rp_venator_tgc_v1


Everyone heads to debrief, depending on outcome lecture / appraise accordingly. Do top 3 regiments then dismiss debrief


Phase 4 (Outcome 2 and 3)

During debrief, get the hostage (if it isn’t the spy to thank the troops for saving his life)

If it is the spy then say in debrief that he will be interrogated by professionals. Do top 3 regiments then dismiss debrief, CG SIS Will then interrogate the spy and provide information they find to highest navel



Do you accept the age limit of 15+: Yes, as it represents maturity and reason


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Cast, your application is well presented and your event looks rather interesting. You have been commander multiple times and I have never seen you minging. Because of this you have my +support.

Best of luck, I hope to see you on the team. :D


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This event idea is very creative and the application has been set out nicely and I've never had any issues with you or heard of any.

For these reasons you have my +Support.

Good luck


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I have read over your event idea for me its set out very well and I don't believe I've had any problems with you in the past so for this I will give you 


but I would like to see some story based events 


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I haven't seen you stand out recently to prove you deserve an admin position. Therefore im...



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