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Guide For Medics

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How 2 Medic
This Guide Will cover 
Healing Priority
Which Regiments To Stick With
Wastes Of Time
How to Deal with Depression
Thinking Like a Medic

Healing Priority
You Should always prioritise Elite Regiments (ARC,GM,RC,41st)
As they will be able to affect the event more than a member of a Attack Battalion By Flanking and Completing Objectives 
Followed By Attack Battalions, as This is Where You will have the most work to do. The Lowest Priority is Jedi and Navy, as Navy Often Has their Comms Stations Close to Spawn, And have shitty weapons.  Jedi Is the Least Priority as they have a Shit ton of health, and while you heal them more and more people are getting injured.

A General List of Priority 
Elite Regiment Officers/Commanders
Elite Regiment Troopers
Attack Battalion Officers/Commanders
Attack Battalion Troopers
Pilot Officers/Commanders
Engineer Officers
Low Ranking Jedi 
Navy Officers/Commanders
High Ranking Jedi

Radios - They are Extremely Useful as If Multiple People are Injured, You Can Call for Other Medics To Assist You in Healing People. 

Communicating With Injured - 

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue 
Don’t Run Away so I Can Heal You 
Some Medic In SQUAD

When You arrive at a Large Group, Call “Is anyone Injured?” If you get a response, ask them where they are, and heal them, if they start to run away, tell them to stop running, because You need to be literally Running into someone to heal them while moving.

In Recap - Call for Other Medics when you are low on Charge and/or there is a lot of injured. 

PassiveRP is Non Violent RP, A Good Example is A Cold Going round on the ship. 
A Few Don'ts for PassiveRP is

Forcing People into PassiveRP - Don't Try it, as You will be warned.

Insanity - People Will Think that this means they can RDM

Painful Screeching - Multiple Malos Screeches 

Death - PassiveRP Means there is no Death. (Someone Forgot to tell the old Navy)

To Create More Interesting RP and give more People A Chance to RP, if there's a cold/ infection let the infected out and get them to cough whenever they are near people, and ask for the Troopers help in capturing the escapees, if no one is interested release a cure into the ventilation system.

If you ever do a Injury PassiveRP, Remeber Bacta, it’s God. Bruise/Broken Bone/Cut/Blaster Wound = Bacta Tank

For Mental Checkups Ask the Patient 

Do they Have trouble Sleeping?
Is there anything they forget
What do they first think of when they hear the words Clone, Droid, Blaster, Ship, CIS, Republic.

Which Regiments To Stick With 
Or to be Attached to (Attaching Meaning Staying with them during events and joining their TS if nessicary for better communication)
I would recommend Elite Regiments, as they can change how the battle plays out if they have a good commander, Followed By attack Regiments.

Wastes of Time
1- PassiveRP with Troopers During the Event, Unless the EM wants it. I will use a example of a Event I was in.

A Navy Officer Called a Medic to the Comms Station to which I responded that I wouldn't leave the battle to attend to the navy People (Which Was Right Next To Regi Lines/Spawn)
Upon Being Killed, I dropped By the Comms Station, Where i Saw a Wall cutting through half of the Comms Station, (My Game was Glitchy, so most of the navy player Models and mass effect props were errors) When I arrived, the Navy Officer Told me that I needed to heal someone (who I believe was behind the wall seperating the Comms station in half) and that I would need to PassiveRP. I promptly left without dispensing heals because it was a waste of time to deal with that, and it would be better for me to heal the Troopers than spend 5 minutes PassiveRPing

2 - Anything NSFW 
Mingey, Once a PVT Came to Me Saying he Had a STD, i kicked him out of medbay, as I could've been warned for PassiveRPing that.

3 - Jedi While on Ship

3 Mins to heal someone who wasn't gonna die anyway.

You May Laugh, But Being in a Battalion With no active commander does mean that you probably ain't gonna get promoted anytime soon. And people will leave medcorps if they don't get promoted

Be Enemy More
The Combat Part of Combat Medic
Hanging With Elite Regiments 
If You Don't heal Them, Who Will? This kept me going for a Fortnight or so when my commander wasn't on.

Thinking Like a Medic
To think like a Effective Medic, You Gotta Prioritise People for Healing, Know What is a Waste of Time, and Stick With people who can be useful to the team.

Thanks for reading this assault on your eyes.


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