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Naryas' Moderator Application

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Steam Username:


Server Roleplay Name:

Famsay Snow

Steam ID:





22 hours (No life me)

Reasons for Acceptance:

I wish to be accepted because I believe I can help this new server grow, as there is not a lot of admins on DarkRP, I really do believe that I could help, I have actually read all the rules (Unlike lots of players) and believe I do know the rules. I just stepped down as EM on Star Wars RP and applied for Moderator because I believe that it is easier to juggle with Mod on both servers rather than EM and Mod on the other. I Have been Staff members on an Arma 2 Wasteland server and on a CSGO surf server, and of course on the SWRP server as EM. I am generally a really approachable person, but i can be very firm and stern when it comes to some situations, and I absolutely am not happy if people are very disrespectful to people that don't ask for it. I also generally find I call for an admin quite a bit due to some peoples behaviour and their rule breaking. If i get accepted it will help not only the other admins, but hopefully the players that I can help.

Consent to Age Limit of 14:

I do agree to the age limit of 14.


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+Support Over the past 2 days I've seen hardly any rule breaking from you, you were em on SWRP making you one of the most acceptable choices to apply. I've seen and talked to you a whole bunch here and SWRP. You take the intent to role-play very well and you're generally a great guy. You've gotten 22 hours alone from 3 days of the server being open so far shows you care about the community and are dedicating your time to it.

I see no other reason why not to support this application. 


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Your recent acceptance as a moderator on the Rogue One server limits your availability for moderation and administration on DarkRP. While I believe you could find a good balancing of time between the two servers, I am reluctant to accept you. I mean, what's to say you won't get bored of your staff position on DarkRP and simply resign?



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